Why Scrabble Is A Great Game For Young Children

Scrabble, as most people know it, is a game in which you must spell words on a board to earn points. Some letters are worth more than others, and some spaces on the board have more points. 

Scrabble is also a great educational tool for young children. Scrabble is a great way to teach children new vocabulary and words. You can also find new words via https://scrabblewordcheat.com/. But there are other benefits to Scrabble that might not be apparent at first glance.

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#1: Scrabble improves spelling ability in young children

Correct spelling is an important part of the game. Young children are required to correctly spell words in order to earn points. Because spelling mistakes are frequently frowned upon in writing, it is important that children spell words correctly. 

Children learn to spell complex words correctly and expand their vocabulary as they play Scrabble. This will be a great help for children in the long term.

#2: Scrabble Encourages Children to Learn More Vocabulary

This is in contrast to the statement that Scrabble expands children's vocabulary. It is intended to show that children are more motivated and eager to learn new words. 

Children will learn more complex words as they improve their game play skills. Children will be more willing to use the dictionary and search for longer words, which will increase their chances of scoring more points. This will increase their motivation to learn new words, not only for the game but also in general.

#3: Scrabble also offers a parent the opportunity to teach their child new vocabulary

Families can bond and come together through board games. Scrabble is not an exception. Parents can teach their children new words by playing with their children.