What is Separation Anxiety Disease

Anxiety is a condition that is medically characterized by physical, emotional as well as cognitive, and behavioral components. Separation anxiety is among the most prevalent anxiety disorders that affect humans as well as animals. Pet animals, like dogs, maybe anxious when they're separated from their owners.

They want to always remain with their owner, whom they consider to be their family. The anxiety of leaving occurs when the owners leave the home. Separation anxiety in dogs can be found in 10 percent of the puppies and dogs. You can prevent these diseases from your dog by taking a dog separation anxiety training starter package from a repetitive consultant. 

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Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety can be caused by a variety of causes. It is a result of their panic reaction to being in a lonely place and separated from their pet particularly when they have become used to having constant human interaction. 

The anxiety may be due to a traumatizing experience that involves an animal shelter, boarding a kennel, or being alone at the beginning of their lives. It could be triggered by a sudden shift in the family's routine or structure like the loss of a family member or new pet. Insufficient stimulation, rejection, and a poor state of health can create separation anxiety in dogs. It is crucial for pet owners to seek an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as they can if they notice that their dogs exhibit signs of anxiety.