What Is Parachute Cord?

Paracord is a versatile cable used by all branches of the army as well as by many camping and outdoor enthusiasts. It is usually called a 550 string because a single thread can hold up to five hundred and fifty pounds without breaking.

It consists of an outer nylon sheath consisting of thirty-two separate threads woven together. There are seven additional nylon threads in the outer shell. Each of these seven strands consists of two to three strands twisted together.

Parachutes are also known as parachute cords because their original use was to connect parachutes to the rigging carried by paratroopers. You can buy the top-quality nylon paracord to make bracelets, belts, rings, buckles, and other items.

Today, parachute cords are usually converted into modern wristbands worn on the wrist. This bracelet comes in just about any color and model you can think of. They are often referred to as survival bracelets because they can help the wearer out of difficult survival situations.

The bracelet doesn't wrinkle, and the paracord can be used for everything from repairing broken shoelaces to building shelters to turning turnstiles into limbs that bleed uncontrollably. The thread in the rope can also be removed and used as a sewing thread or fishing line.

Because many people believe that a sharp economic downturn can marginalize our society, people are doing their best to stay safe and survive. People who know how to use paracord believe that the cord can help them survive when things get bad, which makes it a must-have in any survival kit.