What Do Bed Bugs look Like?

What do bed bugs look exactly like? It is more likely that they are not what you think. These bugs aren't scary or large enough to crawl on your skin at night. They are quite unusual in appearance and make it very difficult to spot them. 

This is true unless you know the inside scoop on these bugs. This is the first step to getting rid of bed bugs as fast as possible.

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Three Sure Signs Your Beaumont Home Has Bed Bugs

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Night-time feeders and daytime hiders for bed bugs are dark-colored, blood-sucking insects. Although they don't look like pretty bugs, they aren't hard to spot. Let's look at what a bedbug might look like:

  • They are very small insects
  • They are dark, brown, and black-colored
  • They have no wings.

These bugs can be a problem once you suspect them. You may have a problem if you wake up with strange rashes and dark spots at the bottom of your bed.

These insects can be killed by heat or (safe) insecticides. Traditional bug spray should never be used near where you are sleeping. Safe alternatives are available that are specifically designed for this problem.

Most people don't know they exist. This is why it can be difficult to identify these insects.