What can your business use your Telegram chatbot for?


A chatbot powered by AI can assist you in delivering customized marketing messages to prospects and help you increase the value of the current customers.

You can utilize your Telegram bot to send messages to customers about promotions and new arrivals. Online Bots for telegram are also able to post messages to Telegram groups. You can also run specific marketing campaigns through your chatbot.

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The chatbot that you built using NLP could assist you in generating leads. You can collect the details of customers and automatically fill them in spreadsheets.

When you create a Telegram chatbot you also allow customers to reserve reservations, schedule appointments and even set up demonstrations.

Customer Support

As your business expands the number of inquiries from customers increases exponentially. It's a waste of your employee's time and energy to manage each customer's request by hand.

Around 80% of inquiries that are submitted are routine. They don't require personal attention.

Imagine working as a customer service agent, having to go through the stress of answering each and every one of these inquiries. What would it be like answering the same question to 17 different customers in one day?

Your Telegram chatbot is able to manage all those requests for customer service that is repetitive with no delay.

Your agents will now be responsible for handling complex customer inquiries that require individual attention.

Agents won't have to worry about automation taking over their job. Automation will instead help them complete their work more efficiently. It can help them concentrate on more complex tasks to solve complex issues instead of being engrossed with repetitive, mundane queries.