What Are The Different Types Of Kava Powder Available In Australia?

Kava is a plant that has been used in the Pacific Islands for centuries. There are several types of kava powders in Australias market. Some are made from ground roots, while others are made from dried leaves. The different types of kava powders have different effects on the body.

Ground root kava powders are the most common type. They contain a variety of compounds that help to relax muscles and improve moods. These powders are especially good for people who want to relieve anxiety and stress.

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Dried leaf kava powders are also available. These powders contain more than just kavalactones. They also contain other compounds that help to improve moods and relieve anxiety. However, dried leaf kava powders tend to have more psychoactive effects than ground root kava powders. 

So, they're not good for everyone. Recently, a new type of kava powder has been introduced. It's called "kava gummies."These are made from fermented root kava. The taste is similar to other types of kava powders. However, these products contain very small amounts (about 0.5 milligrams) of kavalactones. 

That's much less than the amount found in standard ground root kava powders (which contain anywhere from 5 to 20 milligrams). There are several different types of kava gummies on the market today.