What Are Facebook Messenger Bots?

A Messenger Bot is a chatbot that integrates with the Facebook messaging platform and enables direct communication between the users and the merchants as it may pertain to the sales, returns, questions, etc. ChatBots assist in automating the entire process of many customer support requests and functions, including Facebook Messenger.

A Facebook Messenger Bot is a chatbot that connects to the Facebook chat system and facilitates for in-built automated messaging between the users and the merchant. This chatbot provides users with options to choose from many different features, like allowing them to send multiple messages, choose what messages they want to receive, and more. Many customers may find this feature of having a ChatBot useful, especially when there are multiple users involved in the conversation. These bots also provide users the option to send multiple messages to multiple users, which can be very beneficial if the user has several contacts that he wants to send a message to while communicating with different people. This gives the user the ability to send a message to all of his contacts in a single chat session.

The Facebook Messenger Bot is often used by customers to communicate with their Facebook friends, and get advice, or ask questions, and more. The chatbot works by collecting information from the user and transmitting the same to the merchant through the Facebook chat system. If the merchant accepts payment through PayPal, then all of the transactions through Facebook will be sent through PayPal as well. This helps the customer to be able to transact with their Facebook friends, without having to have to do anything manually.

This chatbot may be used by any of the Facebook users and does not matter if they are a new user or a returning user. All users have the ability to use the Messenger chat, which includes the ability to send messages to each other, share pictures, etc, and get advice, etc. A ChatBot can be used to perform all of these tasks and more and can be integrated into any Facebook messaging system.

A ChatBot allows users to chat on their own, by themselves. The chatbot can be used by the user by allowing him to enter a chatroom and then select which messages to receive. Once a message has been sent, the user can interact with the ChatBot through its chat interface. Some users may even have the ability to chat with other users who they are connected with through Facebook messaging systems.

Many ChatBots allows for the user to select from different options and settings. They allow for the use of multiple users, as well as interact with a large number of users at once, through their interaction options. Users are able to choose which friends they would like to receive messages from and which ones they want to receive messages from the users. Some ChatBots allows the user to connect with other users. There are a large number of ChatBots available for users to use, including ones that allow for the integration of various online social networks, such as the likes of MySpace, Friendster, Zagat, Yahoo Messenger, etc.

ChatBots come in different shapes and sizes and have different capabilities, depending on their specifications. Some users may prefer smaller sized ChatBots, while some may prefer larger ones. Some users may prefer ChatBots which offers more advanced functionality, while others may prefer ones that enable them to send several messages to multiple users simultaneously, or allow the user to send multiple messages through chat. In most cases the smaller sized ChatBots are less complicated to use, while some larger ChatBots may include a number of options, allowing for greater flexibility and customization.

Many ChatBots can be integrated with other internet applications and services, including web browsers. They may also be capable of connecting to social media websites, such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, which can allow users to easily communicate with each other. There are various features that can be enabled through various ChatBots, including the ability to view the chat history, send private messages, see who is chatting with whom and send and receive private messages and send links from different social networking sites.