Various Kinds of Trailers and Rail Cars

There is a range of distinct kinds of truck trailers and railroad cars, in no small part due to the broad variety of cargo types that may be shipped. You can contact the best hopper bottom freight brokers via

Some freight requires special gear to be sent due to things such as the dimensions or sensitive nature of the cargo. When those times arise, an assortment of trailers or railroad cars may be utilized.

Refrigerated Trailers and Rail Cars

A boxcar or enclosed trailer which features temperature control technologies. Commonly seen in use by foodservice organizations to keep perishable food items in safe temperatures and also for the utilization of transporting any cargo that has to be stored cool to maintain it.


Potentially the most fundamental of railroad cars, this kind comes with a roof and sides with doors at either end, either side or even both. If you consider old films and characters riding the railroad using hobos, these are the kind of cars you are imagining.

Covered Hopper Car

Somewhat like a Gondola automobile except comprising bottom doors which make it simple to unload cargo like ore, coal, plastics, concrete, and ballast into a different container.

Depressed Deck Automobile

Designed to take care of cargo that's overweight or over-dimensional, these railroad cars have a depression in the mattress which will help deal with the greater size of the cargo.


A trailer or automobile featuring a stage with no ends or sides. These trailers and automobiles are especially good at distributing freight that's over-length or over-width because the deficiency of components and finishes enables the cargo to match where it would not match in different trailers or railroad cars.