Uses And Types Of Steel Beams In London

Many people are unaware of the many uses and types of steel beams. Steel beams are essential for any structure or building, including bridges. There are many sizes and shapes available. The right ones for you will depend on many factors.

A steel beam is any structural support item that spans an area or is designed to support a load. Every steel beam has its unique characteristics that will ensure that you have the support you require for your particular construction.

The classification of steel beams is determined by the geometry of the support. Although they can be curved or straight, the most commonly used beams are straight. If you want you can get the fabricated steel beams via Any Size Steel.

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Below are some of the most common shapes for steel beams:


These steel beams have a shape similar to the capital letter "I", as their name suggests. These beams are used in many industrial applications. They have tapered flanges. There are two types of I-shaped cross-sectional steel beams. One has a parallel surface (wide) and the other has a sloped inner flange surface.


These beams are very similar to I-beams and are sometimes called 'wide flange' beams. These beams are used most frequently in residential construction because they have a straight, flat flange.


They are usually heavier than I-beams and have a longer span. They look like the capital letter H and have longer flanges. The term H-beams is often used interchangeably with I beams. This can sometimes lead to confusion. H-beams are made with webs and flanges of the same thickness.