The Truth About Sensitive Skin Care and Contact Dermatitis

All skin is sensitive. Some people's skin is just more sensitive than other people's skin. And some areas of skin on the same person can be quite different in relation to the sensitivity question. You can also get the top skincare product reviews and tips from various other online sources.

Sensitive skincare has to be understood in the context of a total skincare routine.

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If you are truly committed to improving the health of your skin then treating all skin as sensitive is the best way to proceed.

Sensitive skin products are never a bad idea as allergies frequently develop over time. If you never allow synthetic, toxic, or harsh ingredients to touch your skin you will be less likely to become allergic.

The most extreme reactions are referred to as contact dermatitis. Once an allergy or sensitivity develops it is harder to deal with. Prevention is the most effective tool when dealing with sensitive skincare.

Too vigorous rubbing, patting or scrubbing is a major cause of skin inflammation and sensitivity. A gentle touch is important when applying any kind of skincare products, even sensitive skin products, when used too enthusiastically, can cause problems. Easy.

Trying out new products on a less visible part of your body is also a good idea if you have been prone to redness or hives.

Contact dermatitis is a rash caused by substances in our environment. The contact point is usually obvious. Sometimes a ring around a wrist, or ear lobe itchiness, or even blisters can result from contact with nickel, chromates, dyes, and fragrances, or other allergens.