Testimonial Video – Tips For Putting Your Customers at Ease

Both online and offline, testimonial videos are powerful tools. After all, actual clients appreciating your work lends credibility to your business and aids in persuading other customers that your product and service are excellent.

Many businesses publish testimonial videos on their websites and on video-sharing sites like YouTube, while others put them on promotional DVDs or present them at trade exhibitions and other events. You must first create the video testimonials, regardless of how you intend to use them.

This entails enlisting the help of a previous client to appear on camera, as well as organizing, shooting, and editing the video. You can look for the best testimonial video examples online.

The Secret to Amazing Video Testimonials - Stephan Spencer

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Expect some resistance from your customers because you're using real individuals rather than professional actors. Some people are delighted to write a testimonial for you, but they aren't always comfortable in front of the camera.

Others will be fine with showing up in person but will be wary of the process. It's your mission to discover happy customers who wish to be featured in a testimonial film and then reassure them about the procedure.

A scriptwriter can develop an authentic sound bite that fits into your specified time frame by working with the customer. The attention spans of audiences, particularly internet audiences, are brief. As a result, timing is critical. Each testimonial video or topic should be under 30 seconds in length.