Find The Best Glass Repair Company

One of the most important factors in immediate window repair can be determined by the thickness of the glass. Glass repair professionals will not expect you to give precise measurements on the phone, but most likely, they'll want an approximate estimation.

Whatever the case you've got yourself a broken window, with dangling jagged shards of glass and pieces of sharp glass scattered on the floor. If you are looking for a glass repair company, then you can visit

What can you do? You call a glass repair company. Before you call them spend a few minutes and gather the following details that will aid in getting the repair done in the shortest possible time. day.

Does the window have one or two-paned?

Single-pane windows are usually repaired the next day, and often immediately. Double-pane windows (also called thermal or windows with insulation) are different. 

These windows have to be made specifically for you and are usually required to be purchased by the glass manufacturer from their supplier. 

The process of determining whether you have a double or single-pane window is an easy process, no matter how little information you know about the windows or how damaged the window is. 

Near the edges of the glass where it joins the frame, look for a spacer made of silver that is anywhere from 1/4 inch to 1/4 inch. This spacer could indicate the presence of a double-paned window.