Install Retractable Roof Systems In Canada

The guidelines and recommendations for constructing a movable roof structure follow two types of systems:

1) A rigid flexible frame structure with a rigid or flexible material that extends between the frames.

2) A tent-like folding hull.

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The pool cover consists mainly of polycarbonate and aluminum profiles and has a "fresh air system". It has an automatic locking system with a security lock.

There is a side door and a vent. The low casing model is used to protect the swimming pool. Its low height does not interfere with the view of the landscape or garden around the pond, but at the same time allows swimming in a fully enclosed pool.

Its features include front and rear made of aluminum and polycarbonate profiles, 1 door according to customer request, an automatic segment locking system, and a fence with 4 main profiles per segment as standard features.

With a high fence, the large hall makes it easy for people to gather freely in the middle of a closed area.

Such structures have built-in advantages over conservative roofs, but many of their features cannot be designed or discussed using accepted architectural concepts, and some of the problems associated with them, including safety, cannot be solved by existing standards.