Robotics Technology Has Come For Betterment

This is a breakthrough in robotics technology, which the Spielberg movie Artificial intelligence may have foretold for a time that was too far away. The movie shows how science created a robot in form of a cute little child. 

Paro is the name of the robot. It's derived from the first two syllables in the Personal Robot. It is one of many primitive, but emotionally rewarding little robots designed to provide companionship and help to those in need. 

Other robots can also help people in many other ways. One is designed to assist dieters in sticking to their diets. Another is for addicts in rehabilitation. You can also get robots from to provide instruction in social skills, learning readiness, and academics to children and adults with autism.

It can detect when they are craving something and send them supportive messages and reassuring messages. Robotics technology is now capable of running war machines, playing advanced chess, and performing complex surgery.

It is quite remarkable to be able to understand even a small range of emotions and be able to respond appropriately. 

Because these devices can only be used in situations that require care, they have been a huge success. There have been science-fiction movies and stories about this type of thing for centuries. To see them in action in real life is a major coup for science-fiction writers.

Technology will get better one day. We will soon have robots that can read to children or play with them. However, robots are only acceptable if they are sufficiently primitive. 

Things that imitate humans in primitive ways, such as cartoons, have a wide audience. It's not easy to believe that an animated movie is trying to make a human-like character.