RAI- Support Children During Summer Months

Learning Consistency: The HomePal provides a visual, tangible method of learning that is clear and consistent. This helps to give structured predictability so that your child knows what to expect within each lesson and can better anticipate what is coming next. The system also stores data from each activity so parents can track their child’s progress. 

Personalized Instruction: Meet Kebbi – “HomePal” Educational & Therapeutic Robot. MOVIA’s HomePal learning system can be tailored to each child’s individual skill level and academic need. These lessons can include but are not limited to, activities of daily living like brushing teeth and getting dressed, as well as academic-based instruction like recognizing letters and identifying sounds in words. 

The team at MOVIA works directly with each family to ensure individualized attention and configuration of each skill and activity session. The system also stores data from each activity so parents can track their child’s progress. 

Reinforcement of Positive Behaviors: Children thrive in a learning environment that is both engaging and encouraging. 

The HomePal provides non-judgmental instruction while giving positive feedback throughout each learning session. The HomePal can even be uniquely programmed to cheer on your child using his or her favorite phrase or saying and calling him or her by name.

Decreased Anxiety: The HomePal provides consistent non-threatening educational lessons. The robot’s tone and language are nonjudgmental, patient, and enthusiastic. The HomePal system is portable and can be used in any setting where your child is most comfortable. MOVIA understands the unique needs of autistic children and has programmed activities that will help your child regroup, deescalate, and focus on mindfulness. This predictable, social, peer-like robot leads to decreased child anxiety.

Fun Learning: Learning through play-based activities plays a crucial role in improving skills in all developmental areas at any age. The HomePal system is not only useful but also adorable and extremely fun. The robot can make music, dance, and play a variety of games with your child. Once you set eyes on this robot you will fall in love!