How to really get into information security?

First of all, you have to understand the holistic nature cyber security. Take into consideration that cyber security thing is not just the blue/red team. You have to read more on compliance, key frameworks such as ISO and NIST and security governance. At least these 3 of them.

I would say that if you are looking at applying to companies such as Accenture or PwC as they have growing cyber security practices with ample amount of training and they are always open to hiring entry level cyber personnel.

In addition to that, you have to prove that you have the ability or the knowledge by some experience in Info Sec or you may get a certification in this security field.

Also, you have to start with the basic principle of security. It is not just about tools and exploits vulnerability or etc. It is much more than that anything that you could think of. You have to learn whatever you can about what’s behind the tools what’s it doing, read research papers.

Here are some points that you have to consider when you are into security.

1) If HR are involved then you have the standard problem in the Technology field where a bunch of people who have less than no idea about the roles are looking for candidates based on a specific set of criteria (this set of letters “GICSP” etc. on a resume” – so you need to work out how to specifically tailor your resume to each role.

2) Everyone gets rejected the way more often than accepted. Don’t take it seriously if you do.

3) Perhaps your resume structure and interview technique need some work, get help with them.

4) Consider moving into cyber security rather than transition to. Get a job that suits your expertise and with a little cyber and then move in that direction over a 12–18-month period showing interest and expertise.

I will just hope the list above will give you some help.

If you can’t get into a cyber security company and is planning to build your own business which is related to security, for example, digital defense materials, defense data, cyber security business, you should also consider hiring an ITAR consultants that can help you with these. This is a very complicated business which you need to understand. You need to get a solid understanding of systems and networks not just in your country but globally. You have to think outside the box and consider other country’s security details.