Italian Dual Citizenship- Ways To Acquire

Citizenship as a result of  ancestors and parents

A person takes Italian citizenship if the father or mother is an Italian citizen or their ancestors (there are no limits of generations) are Italian citizens.

Therefore the principle of ius sanguinis – already enshrined in the earlier legislation – confirmed as a key principle for the acquisition of citizenship, while the ius soli exceptional and residual case remains. There are several companies that provide you full service italian citizenship .

italian dual citizenship services

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Citizenship Granted for people born on Italian soi

Italian citizenship granted:

The subjects born on Italian soil whose parents are not known, stateless or cannot transfer their children citizenship  as per the laws of the state in which they are citizens;

The children of unknown origin found abandoned on Italian soil whose citizenship can not be determined.

Naturalisations when minors

Law puts special emphasis on the acquisition of citizenship when minors as a result of:

Judicial decision on the paternity / maternity (a minor who to be recognized by an Italian citizen to be of Italian origin or declared Italian descent by a justice, the decision on paternity / maternity;


Parent's naturalization (the minor children of those who  acquire or acquire Italian citizenship if they live together with them, Italian citizenship will acquire, but after the legal age, they can do without if they are in possession of other citizenship).