Tips To Stop Your Toddler From Sucking Their Thumb

Thumb sucking is something babies do to soothe themselves. While these coping mechanisms help young children reduce their anxiety, you may want them to break the habit by the time they reach kindergarten or preschool so they can bypass possible problems with their mouth growth.

The trick is to get the process right and help your child gradually get rid of the urge to put his finger in his mouth. You can also get the best thumb sucking prevention via

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Here are some tips to help your child stop thumb sucking:

Explain why they should stop: Do not argue, ridicule, or criticize your child. Explain carefully to them why they should stop thumb sucking, particularly in public. You can tell them that this is a bedtime action they can do before sleep or at night.

Use positive support: Set achievable aims, like no thumb sucking one hour before going to sleep. Give rewards such as a tour to the park if your child achieves this goal.

Teach other coping strategies. Your toddler may start sucking their thumb when they are stressed. Bring awareness to the point that they are thumb sucking, soothe them and hug them with reassuring advice, and give them a filled animal to squeeze to remove their stress instead.