Tips For Children’s Bedroom Accessories

Decorative accents for children's bedrooms don't have to be limited to toys or books. Consider adding storage space, colorful accents, and rattan. If you're a parent looking for tips for childrens room accessories, here are some ideas. Make sure to use age-appropriate materials and accessories. These tips can help you create a stylish and functional room for your kids. Read on to learn more!

Decorate with age-appropriate accessories

While choosing children's bedroom accessories, consider age-appropriate items first. It's not safe for your child to play with a glass figurine, so include this accessory only in their older rooms. Also, watch out for exposed wires and sharp corners. Incorporate age-appropriate decor into the rest of the room. After you decide on the theme and paint colors, begin by deciding what you want your child to use the room for.

Children love to display their things and collect them. To accommodate their interests, add bedsides tables, shelves, and game pieces to their bedrooms. These items are both practical and decorative, as well as helping you keep their treasures organized and out of the way. Once they've grown, buy more age-appropriate accessories for their bedrooms. You'll be glad you did. After all, your child's bedroom will be their favorite place!

Include storage spaces

Children's bedroom furniture and accessories can include chests of drawers and wall cabinets. Decorative shelves with peg rails and hooks are ideal storage options. A chalkboard attached to the back of the door ledge can add additional playing space and storage space. Besides being practical, storage can also be stylish. Choose storage accessories with fun and colourful doors. This way, your children will enjoy using the storage space without feeling confined.

If the bedroom has limited space, you can make use of the empty space to add shelves, storage boxes, or hooks for storing stuffed toys. If space is limited, you can install plastic baskets inside shelves to store clothes and toys. Curved shelves are perfect for small rooms. You can also make your own storage solutions by incorporating DIY crates and shelves. If you want to use shelves to organize toys, consider making them curved.

Add colorful accents

Adding a colorful accent to a child's room is an excellent way to make the room look larger than it actually is. Not only will these accents add a splash of color, but they will also reflect more light, which is healthier than artificial light and can save you money on electricity. A smart-looking scheme begins with a white wall and then pairs it with geometric shapes and dots, allowing the colorful accessories to stand out from the rest of the room. Alternatively, you can use a colorful rug, like Sonya Winner's 50-color washable rug, to bring the room's color scheme to life.

Adding tinsel to a child's room isn't just for Christmas! Add a decorative accent in a color that matches the decor of the bedroom, such as gold or silver. For a unicorn-themed bedroom, consider using gold accents, as they complement the pink duvet set. To create an interesting contrast, you can add a colorful rug in a child's room.

Incorporate rattan

Rattan furniture is a timeless choice for children's bedroom accessories. Its lightweight and easy-to-clean quality make it an ideal choice for headboards and nightstands, desk chairs, and playroom furnishings. Wicker furniture is a great way to inject visual appeal into a plain room, and its irregular shapes and sizes can work well in neutral-toned interiors. For a whimsical look, try incorporating rattan into your children's bedroom accessories.

Rattan furniture adds texture and allure to any room. Place a statement chair in an unused corner, or place it on a vintage dressing table. Its lightweight, natural material is perfect for little ones to play in. You can also use wicker weave baskets for storage in any room. The larger ones can be used in the bathroom or to hold blankets. Incorporate rattan into children's bedroom accessories with woven baskets for toys and other items.

Consider shutters

If you're shopping for new window treatments for your child's bedroom, consider adding shutters. Shutters are a great option for children's rooms, as they provide both insulation and style. Additionally, shutters are cordless and easy to operate for small hands. Wooden shutters are especially safe for kids because of their natural insulation properties and can even be motorized. In addition to keeping kids safer, shutters can also reduce noise and keep the room cooler during summer.

Shutters are the perfect window treatments for kids' rooms. Shutters don't trap dust mites and are a safer option than curtains. Unlike curtains, shutters can be cleaned with a damp cloth, reducing the risk of tripping over dangling cords and fabric. They're also easier to clean than traditional window treatments because there are no strings or cords to deal with.

Let your child be part of the design process

A child's imagination is limitless, so why not let them be a part of the decorating process? Children love to play, and you should make their room a place that they feel proud to be in. Let your child use chalkboard paint to draw a picture, diagram, or word. You can even buy some removable vinyl stickers that can change with your child's interests.

Make sure you choose a theme for the room. Let your child choose the paint colour, wallpaper, and accessories. Give them three to eight options to choose from. The more choices they have, the easier it will be for you to decide. Remember to leave some space for suggestions. They might want to have a warm colour scheme, but that doesn't mean that you can't incorporate cool colours in their room.