How to Choose a Tent

Though a family of four can use a four-person tent, it can be a little uncomfortable. If you have older kids, choose multiple tents. One is for dad and mom while the other is for the teens or kids. On the other hand, you can opt for a huge tent for dad, mom and baby as well as one-person tent each for all the other kids. A huge multi-room tent is another option. While it takes a while to set up, it can have room for a big family.

Is it the right size of tent?

Never buy the tent you like without trying it first. Take off your shoes and sharp objects and enter the tent. Lie down and stretch your arms and legs. Do you fit inside? Is there enough space to curl your legs? Your whole body should fit comfortably inside without your feet sticking out of the tent. You can buy camping tents at

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What is it made of?

Tents are usually made of lightweight nylon. Tent poles are made of either aluminum or fiberglass. Inquire about the durability and strength of the tent you plan to buy.

What is my budget?

The price of tents can range anywhere from $30 to $1000 and even more. Determine your budget and camping requirements to come up with a price.