Know About Live Yeast Supplements For Cows

Yeast nutritional supplements – have been hard merchandise to assess, because the consequences of yeast infections are by no means instant.

In recent years, post-trial tests have shown that yeast is most often reliable, economical and increases the effectiveness of the feed components. You can get more information about the best yeast for dairy cows via

best yeast for dairy cows

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The consequence of live yeast is an increase in feed conversion efficiency between 10% and 15%. The result is only 1-2 liters of milk per head, followed by various benefits in terms of milk quality, increased fertility, physical condition and general health of livestock.

How does yeast work?

The mode of action of yeast that involves scavenging oxygen in the rumen and eliminating lactic acid was extensively researched and is currently well known. Oxygen is extremely toxic to rumen microbes.

Live yeast additives quickly remove oxygen in the intestines and increase microbial activity. Yeast converts the microbial population to ruby and stimulates the spread and activity of bacteria that absorb fiber and lactic acid.

In addition, the increased bacterial effect on the stomach produces about 15 percent more microbial protein, which is very good for fish food. The use of additional degradable proteins also helps reduce nitrogen levels in blood urea (BUN).

Yeast is very cheap to feed, so it makes sense to regularly include it in most ruminant diets. Feedback from most of the dairy farmers who have used yeast for a year shows that our cows are significantly cleaner, healthier, calmer, and less problematic.