What You Should Know About CA 125 Test Kits?

Cancer antigen 125 (CA-125), a protein found within ovarian cancer cells, is an indicator of its presence. The blood test CA-125 measures the level of cancer antigen 125 within the bloodstream. The cells produce the protein and it can be found in blood.

CA-125 test equipment can be used during and after treatment to detect ovarian cancer. Women at high risk of developing ovarian cancer may be able to detect early signs. However, a CA-125 blood test is not enough to diagnose ovarian cancer in all women. This is because there are many conditions that can lead to abnormal CA-125 levels.

A CA-125 blood test is used to monitor the progression of ovarian carcinoma. Before starting treatment for ovarian cancer, baseline CA-125 levels will be measured. Treatment success is usually indicated by a decrease in CA-125 levels between treatment and the end of treatment. Recurrence of the disease may be indicated by an increase in CA-125 levels following treatment.

The CA-125 blood test can be used by both men and women, but it is more commonly ordered by women to check for ovarian cancer. The CA 125 test measures your blood levels of the protein CA 125 (cancer antibody 125). The CA 125 test can be used to monitor certain types of cancer during and after treatment. 

A CA 125 test can be used in certain cases to detect early signs of ovarian carcinoma in patients at very high risk. Because of the fact that many conditions other than cancer can raise the CA125 level, a CA125 test is not accurate enough for screening for ovarian carcinoma.