Botox Injections For Jaw Clenching In Singapore

Botox injections are known for their cosmetic benefits for the face, as well as for relieving certain conditions, such as excessive sweating. Botox works primarily by temporarily reducing or paralyzing the injected muscles. 

Because of its ability to reduce muscle contractions, it is logical to assume that Botox works for many other conditions where excessive or excessive muscle contraction is the source of pain and dysfunction. Jaw clenching, also known as bruxism, is a common condition that causes facial pain and excessive tooth wear. You can click on this link to book an appointment for the jaw muscle treatment.

Typical treatments include night braces to protect teeth and medications that try to reduce muscle inflammation or induce sedation to limit muscle strength. The approach doesn't really address the root cause of the problem of overactivity of muscles and spasticity.

Botox seems to be a very logical approach to treating bruxism. It can be injected directly into the most inflamed part of the muscle, weakening the most spastic part of the very large masseter muscle without affecting chewing ability. 

Stopping muscle spasms often requires stopping only the starting point or focal area of contraction, not the entire muscle. Even if the muscle tension is only partially relieved, the pain is reduced and bruising occurs.

The key to a successful outcome is the ability to detect the source of the muscle spasm through sensation. This is usually possible because the patient knows where the jaw muscles are most painful.