What Are The Basic Gardening Tools You Should Have?

Gardening is one of the most relaxing and rewarding hobbies that you can have. This is primarily because it allows you to plant the foliage and greenery that you want right outside your home.

It is also rewarding and fulfilling since seeing your garden grow right before your eyes as the days go by can very well be the best reward for all of your hard work. You can also buy the best tools for your garden by clicking at http://www.otoolesgardencenters.com/tools

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To make sure that you have an easy and pleasurable time tending to your garden, it is important that you have the right types of garden tools.

Here are some of the basic garden tools that every homeowner should have.

1. Cultivator

A cultivator is generally used for mixing the soil with fertilizer to prepare it for planting. They also help in removing the soil lumps, cleaning moss and thatching and aerating. They can also be used with different attachments for cutting vegetation or ploughing the soil.

2. Spade

A spade is used for digging or removing soil. In the past, spades have actually been made with riven wood. Today, however, they are with sharp tips of metal, allowing an easier and more efficient method or breaking up and moving soil.

3. Garden Hoe

These garden tools offers many uses including agitating the soil surface surrounding plants and weeds.