Choosing Your Bridal Makeup Artist

All brides look stunning on their wedding day. Do your friends have to apply makeup or have a professional makeup artist, but sometimes bad things happen and it did not go quite according to plan.

Hair may fall out of place or coming un-do all together, makeup may be too heavy or light. Here are some tips when choosing your makeup artist for your big day! You can also hire a bridal makeup artist via


1. Do a trial, reviews are great, recommendations are great, but your face is not like other’s face, your skin may react differently to the composition of the same makeup that your so loved friend’s face.

2. Extract every bit of information out of them! "Would makeup run if it rains?", "Will it crack in the heat?" Do not be afraid to ask anything and everything, you pay top dollar and if you are not happy with what you get, make sure you let them know why!

3. Let the makeup artist know if you are going to look different on your wedding day e.g. if you will have a fake tan on your wedding day, you will need a completely different foundation and concealer, you might even need to see a completely new!!

The same thing applies to your hair color. Do not expect that your eye shadow will look the same if you are a brunette and a blonde judged on your wedding day!