Does God Exist and Is the Bible True?

Many strange things are happening in the world today, and we are anxious and stressed and worried because we experienced so many things out of our hands. We wonder if there is a God, and when he tried to tell us all something. 

However, you do not see God or angels or just a miracle, so that you do not know whether there is God or not. How can anyone know this stuff? You can get more information about the most important events in the biblical timeline via online sources.

The most obvious information about God from the Bible, but just how do you know if the Bible is accurate? Some of it was very strange, some boring, some do not make sense.  

Notable Hand Tools in the Bible

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If you are going to buy a new phone, you want to learn all you can about it, and that means you chat with friends, we look at the specifications on the internet, read testimonials, and continue cell shop to find out if it looks great on you.

All the prophecies, it foresees the near future, in the Bible, it has happened just as the Bible states, or they are still in the long term. There are hundreds of prophecies. Everything is correct. By way of example, it is estimated there was a king named Cyrus who would help Israel. 

Testament written hundreds of years later, it happened just as the Bible states. To make sure what will happen and defend the use of a foreign nation's titles before a fantastic grandfather is born is very beautiful.