Enthusiast and Leisure Boaters Should Consider These Safety Boating Tips

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You may own a boat but don’t take it out on a regular basis. This is considered to be normal especially with leisure and enthusiast boaters who prefer to go out only when they are free. If you happen to be one of these boaters, then you should be understanding the fact that it is important to stay safe at all times. Here are a few safety tips out there for leisure and enthusiast boaters.

  1. Keep the Life Jacket on at all Times – You may or not be a good swimmer however, it is recommended to keep wearing at all times. This is one of those items which is known to save lives in the event of drowning.
  2. Keep yourself Sober – During your boating trip, you may feel like drinking especially when you are surrounded with beautiful areas. However, it is recommended to stay sober while you are out there having a great time with friends and family members. Moreover, drinking and driving your own boat can lead to disaster situations.
  3. Keep yourself away from your Phone – Not just drinking but using phones is a big no when it comes to boating trips. Moreover, boating requires constant attention on the water. Therefore, the best thing would be to avoid using the phone and only use when you are done with the trip or staying idle.
  4. Keep yourself in Speed Control – Make sure you aren’t over-speeding during your boating trip to avoid accidents.

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