Stand Up Paddle Board Teacher Training

Are you ready to connect your yoga practice with the elements? Are you looking to expand your practice and teaching beyond the studio walls? Attract new students and share their natural yoga experiences with them? Make it your classroom openly.

Join nature and learn how to conduct a SUP yoga class safely and securely. Letting the sun kiss your skin and the breeze gently touching your face will hold you at the moment and raise awareness in your practice. You can also take advantage of online SUP yoga teacher training.

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SUP Yoga helps you and your students become more aware of breathing, body, and balance. Board yoga is relaxing and challenging. A Yogi master will teach you techniques to maximize the plank and improve balance in the water. You will feel empowered to teach others to stand up and be balanced.

Whether you are an experienced rower or have never rowed before, this exercise is for you. You will learn rowing techniques from our certified instructors. Basic and advanced techniques are taught from hitting to various types of turns.

200 hours of yoga certification required (complete or in progress). You must be able to swim to take the course.

Participants and instructors wear masks when we can't be six feet away and when we work on the land. Masks are not worn in all water-based activities, but participants must stand within three feet of each other, maintain hand hygiene, and wear a mask during the activity.