Solar Bollard Lights For Your Garden

Bollard lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that are enclosed in posts of a cylinder shape. These posts were originally shaped in a circular shape, but they are now also available in square forms. Bollard was the name for the posts that you used to tie your boats as you docked. 

They can be made from metal, concrete, or weather-resistant plastics. These lights resist corrosion from all seasonal elements. These lights can be set up to run on either solar or battery power or electrical wiring. The best way for it to work will depend on the location of the post so you can buy them via Solar lighting by LIGMAN services.


The lighting elements of most units are located on top of the posts. These elements are protected by grates or lattice slats. Your lights can be used in many ways. They could be placed to shine on a specific area or structure. 

You could use them to illuminate a path or walkway. To lighten the staircase to your front porch, use a few of them. You can put them in your yard to serve as security barriers. To slow down any runaway vehicles that might be attempting to pass your front door, you can fill the plastic units with sand. 

The metal or cement units will prevent any intrusion. You have many options when it comes to bollard light models. Some look like the old London lamp posts, while others have an elegant quality that will make your yard stand out. Although they can be costly, they will increase the value of your house and make it more beautiful.