Science-Based Preventative Health Care

It is scientifically tested and found relevant. That's right, you can now have precise nutrition based on your DNA. A group of scientists worked for 14 years on this dream. 

This dream resulted in a miraculous scientific break. With all work on the human genome project, the human genome has been cracked. You can even get functional medicine according to the disease type via

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Scientists can sleep to isolate individual genes and their SNPs and find out what every part of our DNA is responsible for. This is where all sections, guided products on DNA are found. All of the Nutrition of DNA to DNA guided skin.

Here's how the process works. You take a cotton rod on your internal cheek and win some skin cells. You send it to the laboratory and you can extract your DNA. Since more than 99% of all our DNAs are identical, the remaining people. 

7% are responsible for all our differences. These differences are where all lies are responses and unlocking keys of our best health future. They discovered 12 SNP-specific SNP who is responsible for your overall health and well-being. 

Here is the really cool part. They can then know if your parents gave you good genes in each zone, genes that need support, or genes that require maximum support. They actually give you a printed report of the results of each specific gene tested. Now it's a break. It's just the beginning of what is done now.

As they now know the strengths and weaknesses of these specific genes, they now take the gigantic step of formulating a 100% custom DNA supplement solution.