Same Day Crowns The New Revolution In Dentistry

Dentistry is a very personal thing and people need a personal touch to heal those problems. Only caring dentists can give that personal touch that patients deserve. Actually, the relationship between a dentist and a patient is just like a commitment and care improves the bonding. 

The acceptance of modern technology by dentists has also helped in improving the quality of treatment. Same-day crowns has come as a great boon to mankind where people are saved from numerous visits to the dentist for getting crowns done.

What is a Cerec? The full form of Cerec is Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Cerec crowns actually make use of CAD/CAM technology to make a metal-free crown in one single visit to a dentist. This is a modern technology where a special camera is used to take a photograph of the tooth for which the crown will be prepared. 

The camera in turn is connected to a computer. The picture of the damaged tooth is then adjusted with CAD (Computer Assisted Design) technology and the rectified picture of the teeth is shown to the patient. 

As in the case of lab-prepared dental crowns often perfection lacks which is not the case with same-day crowns. But still one might say that there is a difference in the quality of Cerec crowns prepared by different dentists. 

Getting a good dentist in Orange Park out of the thousands of presents is very hard. As all the dentists present boast of having every skill needed to get the same-day crown done so it is not easy to find the right one.