Reusable bags: Why They are Important

Imagine taking a road trip, and not seeing another plastic bag littering your local fauna and flora. You've probably been to Great-West Texas. As strong winds blow them all over, thousands of plastic bags get stuck to fences and other landscapes on highways.

It may seem utopian to solve this problem so soon. However, more people will switch to reusable bags and fewer plastic bags will be left behind. Will it be?

Reusable retail bags are used for two reasons: to reduce oil-based products such as plastic bags, and to reduce our use of paper so we don't have to chop down as many trees each year.

The benefits of reusable bags are well-known to most people. Here are some reasons to bring your bag to the grocery store.

The potential for lower product prices due to improved market efficiency and the less use of natural resources is one effect of increasing the use of reusable bags. What does all this mean for the average consumer? If everyone has a reusable bag, grocery bills will drop.

What do you think is the cost of all those plastic and paper bags that are "given" to you at check-out? It's you! You do! Reusable bags are more efficient and products will cost less if retailers and grocers don't have that burden.

Reusable tote bags will be around for the long term. They are also more sustainable than plastic bags, which puts less strain on our environment.