Renovating Aluminium Windows Frames

When renovating your windows, you'll want to replace the old frames with new ones that last for a long time and look as beautiful as you'd like. In this article, we'll learn how to clean, coat and then renovating aluminium window frames.

Aluminium window frames are a popular choice for replacement windows because they are not only affordable, but they also have a number of advantages over other types of windows. Firstly, aluminium window frames are lightweight and easy to move, which is great if you need to renovate your home or move frequently. They also have a long lifespan, which means that you will not need to replace them as often as other types of window frames.

After years of weathering and abuse, your aluminum window frames may need a renovation. Don't worry, there's a few simple steps you can take to restore them to their former glory.

1. Remove any old sealant or adhesive with a razor blade or sandpaper. This will help prevent water and condensation from building up inside the frame.

2. Clean the frame with a household cleaner and a scrub brush. Be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies. Use a steel wool pad if necessary. Allow the frame to dry completely before proceeding.

3. Apply a new sealant or adhesive to the frame using a double-sided tape measure or a painter's tape measure. Make sure the sealant or adhesive is even all around the perimeter of the frame. Allow the sealant or adhesive to dry completely before installing your new window panels.