Primary Care Physician or Specialist in Charlotte

Patients who fall sick question whether they should book an appointment to see a general doctor or an expert. General practitioners manage a variety of health conditions in their patients. They may treat newborns, teenagers, or even the older. Specialists however are focused on a particular field of treatment or age category. For instance, orthopedists, cardiologists and oncologists Gynecologists, obstetricians, pediatricians, and geriatric specialists. 

Sorted by Treatment Area

Oncologists are doctors who identify and manage cancer among their patients. They are primarily focused on this condition, but there are patients of all ages and with various types of malignancies and tumors. Cardiologists are specialists that concentrate on the cardiovascular system which includes the blood vessels, the heart, and lungs. 

Although a primary care physician may also diagnose and treat a variety of diseases and ailments, however, they would likely send your case to an expert if your requirements are beyond their area of expertise. If you are suffering from any ailment that requires immediate attention, primary care physician is your first call. You ca contact your primary care physicians via

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Categorized by age groups

Doctors who specialize in pediatrics treat and diagnose children. They treat children from newborns to teenagers. Children often have the same pediatric physician throughout their childhood and teen years. As they grow older then they change to a primary care doctor who sees adults of all ages.

Seniors have particular health issues that are best addressed by geriatric specialists. As we age, our muscles, skin, bones organs, as well as minds alter in a variety of ways. It can be helpful to find an expert with a solid understanding of aging and senior issues.