Prevent Hand Cramping by Warming Cold Barbells

Nothing can short circuit a weight workout faster than cramped hands. You won't be able to lift as much weight, it is much more dangerous because you are more likely to drop the dumbbell or barbell on yourself, and it can be not just uncomfortable but downright painful.

If you lift weights at home, then there's a good chance that your home gym is located in your garage or in your basement. Garages and basements are a good place to workout because they are usually free of distraction, there's often plenty of room to spread out, and it keeps your heavy equipment out of your way when you aren't using it.

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The downside is that garages and basements tend not to have quite as many insulations as the rest of your house might. The result of this is that metal dumbbells and barbells can get really cold. A cold bar during a workout can make your muscles cramp when you are trying to use them.

The solution to this problem is pretty straightforward:

  1. Wet a hand towel and microwave it so that it becomes hot.
  2. Wrap your cold bars with the hot hand towel for a few minutes before you do your lifting.
  3. Wipe your bars down with a dry hand towel after they've been warmed up if they are wet at all so that the bars won't slip out of your hands.