How to Live Mindfully

I usually do multitasking. I keep thinking about a million things while trying to do at least two activities at the same time. I keep forgetting the two things I did and I often feel guilty that I didn't do well. This must be the complaint of every working mother. By reading this article you can get the best information about living mindfully ideas.

How to Live Mindfully

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There is a story about Zen which tells of a man walking on a horse track that was galloping. Another man on the side of the road shouted at the first man: "Where are you going?" "I don't know," replied the rider, "asked the horse."

The horse symbolizes our galloping thoughts which attract us all day long. We don't know where we're going and we can't stop even if we do.

I've been reading lately about paying attention, stopping and paying attention in the here and now. While pausing, we stop thinking and forget about the strong emotions that dominate us.

When we breathe carefully, eat, walk, load the dishwasher, drive a car, shop for groceries, etc., we deeply touch the present and appreciate the well-being that is already present in our daily lives.

When I do one of these activities, I usually think about something that happened in the past or that I plan for the future, certainly not what I do or where I am most of the time.

One sunny summer morning, I was sitting on the steps of the veranda, carefully eating my breakfast. I eat a whole grain box with blueberries. I focused on the sophisticated, grainy, blueberry flavor.