How To Get Kids To Stop Thumb Sucking?

As any parent or person with experience with toddlers knows, getting a willful child to stop a behavior that has become a habit can be a challenge, to say the least! Fortunately, experts have developed an array of techniques that can be helpful in getting a child to cease this habit. Suggestions include:

Communicate with your child:

Communicate with your child. Remember, your child is an active participant in this behavior. Rather than looking at this merely as something which must be changed, remember that your child should be actively engaged in the process. Explain the problems with your child, and your concerns, and ask what you can do to help your child stop this habit. You can also buy the best thumb guards from Nipit to prevent thumb sucking.

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Don’t just scold – offer praise. Scolding reinforces anxiety or discomfort, which may, in turn, reinforce a child’s desire to suck their thumb. Instead, offer praise for a child when they aren’t sucking their thumb, particularly at a time when you know they may be otherwise tempted to do so.

Address the underlying issues:

Address the underlying issues. Remember, kids aren’t just sucking their thumbs at random times – they are doing it for a reason, and it’s often to seek comfort, self soothe, or try to sleep. Instead of just trying to get a child to stop sucking their thumbs, see what the underlying causes of the thumb sucking may be.