How Talent Management Works

Talent management is a very important part of managing an organization. It is crucial that if a company wants to compete in a competitive market place it has a strategy for talent management in place. So first of all, what is talent management? This is identifying key players in a company. Commonly this term is used to describe the identification of employees tipped for managerial positions, or even the next CEO. 

There is no reason however that it can't be used to describe the identification of key players at all levels in the organization. There is no doubt that a company with a clearly defined future is much more likely to see long term success than a company without any succession planning of talent management strategies in place. You can also get more information about talent management via 

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There are several crucial elements of carrying out successful talent management. Whilst the senior management team and CEO may have one or two top candidates tipped for important future positions, without discussing the goals and career objectives with the individuals themselves, they could be wasting their time. A key member of staff may not be thinking of staying with the organization long term for example, perhaps considering working in a different field altogether or even starting their own business. Carrying out in depth discussions regarding individual career aspirations with the employees is a very important initial step to take with any talent management program.

The staff at the organization should be kept informed of any talent management strategies that are being undertaken. It is helpful to the individual members of staff to be placed on a clearly defined career path within the organization, as overall this boosts morale and makes for a stronger workforce.