How do Botox Injections Work on Masseter Muscle?

Botox, the most well-known cosmetic injection is a treatment that provides temporary muscle paralysis in order to reduce or eliminate unwanted facial expressions. The majority of botox employed for this purpose is injected into the forehead area and within the eye area. 

The masseter muscle is one of them however regular botox treatments over time could actually shrink the size of the muscle, enhancing its appearance externally and reducing muscle-clenching symptoms. One can also navigate to for jaw-slimming botox treatment.

Botox injections to the masseter muscles are simple to administer. Make sure the patient is able to hold their teeth in a clenched position and the obvious bulging of the muscles' borders is evident. Professionals generally inject directly into the bulging regions with six units per bulged region and remain close to the angle regions of the jaw as well as its lower border, to avoid injecting directly into the gland of the parotid. 

The bulkiest part of the muscle masseter is at the bottom of the jaw. It requires between 25 to 35 units on each side to achieve an effective result. Therefore, when run out of the bulging areas for injecting, they inject in both sides of the jaw muscle, part of the jaw, until they have reached the number of units.

Botox injections must be repeated every 4 months to up to a year worth of therapy to get the most beneficial outcomes. The decrease in the amount of muscle mass is remarkable after one year of botox treatment.