Exciting Features In The New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo always appears with the best innovative products for their customers. This year, the company launched New Nintendo 3DS: a new portable game console that offers 3D gameplay without the need for glasses. This new product was first launched in Japan on February 26, 2011, and is now available throughout the world. If you haven't heard much about Nintendo, here are some features you have to know:

1. Nintendo 3DS not only let you play games but also allow you to listen to your favourite music. This handheld game console has the ability to play MP3 files and AAC files. 3DS is also equipped with a 2GB SD card that allows you to save hundreds of songs. 

2. 3DS lets you explore the web and access Nintendo Eshop. This is a site where you can download the game demo. Based on the demo, you can judge the game and see other people's reviews. You can now earn free nintendo eshop codes by playing online games and use these codes to enjoy your favourite entertainment.

3. 3DS is equipped with parental key features. By entering the PIN code, you can limit the choice of the game. With this feature, you can choose games based on their age rankings. If you will share your 3ds with your younger brother, then this feature is very useful.

4. Nintendo 3DS offers interesting features called Play Coins. You earn Play Coins by taking walks with your game console in your pocket. The more steps you take, the more Play Coins that you earn. The coins that you earn can be used to unlock games which are compatible with the 3DS technology.