Decorating Quick Tips – Carpet And Rugs In Australia

Jute, also known as "Burlap", is the most durable and low-maintenance. The jute rugs don't show any tracking and are available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit every taste

For maximum flexibility and resale value, keep your carpet neutral and consistent. Rugs can be colored, but they are more personal and adapt to your needs. The jute floor carpet is a great way to enhance the beauty and the comfort of your home.

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Rugs can be used in any room, and not only for hardwood floors. Rugs will anchor furniture groups and add softness and interest. They can be considered art for the floor.

The rule of thumb for size is that you should have all of your furniture on it (e.g. a 9×12 in family rooms) or all of your furniture off it (e.g. a 6×9 within the same room). A coffee table or ottoman is an exception. Avoid furniture that is resting on/off the floor. To prevent chairs from "falling off", most dining rooms need at least an 8×10 rug.

You don't have to pay for furniture to make them look smaller. You should be careful, though. Using a 4×6 rug instead of a 6×9 rug will make you look like you have a postage stamp.

In rooms with many windows or vaulted ceilings, rugs can have a big impact on the acoustics. You can change them seasonally to suit your mood.