Buying Boat in Canada: Tips for a First Time Buyer

Do you think about buying a boat? The first step in the boat-buying process is also the most important—determining exactly what type of craft will best fit the needs and wants of both yourself and those you plan to bring along for the ride. Those needs and wants are typically determined by what type of activities you want to pursue on the water. 

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Let’s first go over the process of purchasing a boat. This should be done before you even step foot on a boat.

Basics For Buying A Boat

  • Select your type of boat

  • Decide whether you want to buy new or used

  • You can browse listings or work with a broker to attend a boat show.

  • Reduce your options

  • Do a walkaround, a trial by sea, and a survey before you make a purchase

  • Close the deal

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to a select few, you’ll need to go check out those boats in person. That can be as easy as ambling down to your neighborhood marina or dropping by a boat show booth, or as complicated as flying halfway around the world. The goal is to see if your choice looks as good in real life as she does on screen.

How thoroughly should you inspect a boat before you buy it? That depends, but if this is a major purchase it’s important to dig deep, beyond what the seller wants you to see—especially if you’re trying to figure out why a particular deal looks a little too good to be true. If you’re not sure whether a particular boat is worth a closer look, start with a walkaround.