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Your road safety and LED bicycle light

With more road traffic than ever before, road safety is a serious issue for cyclists and anyone who drives regularly understands this and knows that the safety of cyclists is not only in their hands, but also in the hands of other road users and pedestrians. LED bicycle lights have increased cyclists' visibility as they are brighter than the old lights, and with the advent of flashing LED bicycle lights that have become legal, road visibility has become easier to achieve. 

Since the safety of others is paramount and cyclists should never ride the pavement, it is best to take an adult bicycle test which can really build confidence if you are unsure of traffic rules. You can also learn more about LED bike lights and safety via

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LED bicycle lights and how they can help you

Cycling accident statistics show that although the number of cyclists in the UK has declined since the 1950s, approximately 90,000 bicycle accidents and 100,000 off-road accidents occur in the UK each year. These statistics are from police records and do not include accidents that occurred without another vehicle. Cars are the greatest risk to cyclists, and the numbers include the sad number of nearly 2,000 serious injuries to cyclists involved in bicycle and car collisions, and 52 deaths in a single year.

These serious facts should certainly encourage all cyclists to follow national standards for bicycle training tests and ensure they have the right equipment on the busy roads of England. A good helmet can and does save lives. A well-lit bike is the most important, of course, and LED bike lights are a popular choice. Drive with confidence and make sure you have the knowledge to protect yourself.