Benefits of Dog Training in Chapel Hill – Help For Owners of Older Dogs

Personally providing your dog with proper obedience training has some very obvious benefits —

  • establishing strong bonds with your dog 
  • you'll correct bad behaviors
  • it stimulates your dog's intellect and desire to learn 
  • it encourages inclusion between your dog and the rest of your household, and, in the long run
  • it saves you time that otherwise would be dedicated to cleaning up your dog's messes, smoothing over offended parties, and repairing damaged property.

Here, I'd like to bring to light some of the less obvious, but no less important, benefits of dog training program in Chapel Hill

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It's a fun, enjoyable experience

Don't look at dog training as a chore. View it as an opportunity for you and your budding best friend to begin forging a deep, mutually beneficial bond and relationship. Approach it as just one of many enjoyable activities you and your dog will share.

Follow up your obedience training with trick training and you'll be sure to have a great deal of fun. While some of the tricks will present a challenge for both of you, just make it a pleasurable experience. Be patient, be kind, and be generous with your praise when your dog achieves those little successes.

You'll be rewarded with a much happier dog

Obedience training is one of the most important aspects of raising a dog. In fact, a well-trained dog is by far a happier dog! Why? Because a trained dog requires fewer restrictions. The more reliable the dog, the more freedom he is given.

For example, many stores and businesses that normally won't allow dogs on their premises will make an exception for a puppy or a dog that will heel nicely by his owner's side or will do a sit-stay or down-stay without hesitation.