An Innovative Service From Casting Agencies: Online Casting

You probably already know that most model and casting agencies have an online portfolio. This allows companies to make pre-selections or select hostesses and models that match their needs. Companies must rely on photos and descriptions written by hostesses and models. The problem is that descriptions don't always accurately reflect the true features and attitudes of the hostess and/or model.

The video conferencing service, which is now available to all the major agencies such as for promotion, allows companies to conduct a casting online to assess the attitudes and skills of the models and hostesses that they are interested in. Although it is only offered by a few websites, the service has been a huge success for both the hosts and the models.

Online Casting

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Video conferencing has the advantage of reducing the costs and time required to cast a casting. It allows all models and hostesses to take part in casting from their country. This service is intended for companies that need to create a brochure, catalog, and website. It is also useful for companies that need to select hostesses to take part in an exhibition or congress.

The service is primarily used to select hostesses and promotional models, rather than models for fashion shows, actors, and actresses. Companies must rely on a well-respected model agency and casting agency to help them choose one of these models. A model agency has a lot of experience with many models, actors, and actresses. The online casting service can be used by some agencies to promote their products.

Companies must purchase credits to use the service. The company now has the number of minutes that corresponds to the credit purchased. That's it. It's quick, simple and very useful.