An Innovative Approach To Rhinoplasty And Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is the biggest challenge among plastic surgery procedures. This procedure is often referred to as a nose job. If you only pay attention to aesthetics, it can trigger respiratory problems after this plastic surgery. Just paying attention to the flow of the breath can affect aesthetics. 

As important as appearance and breathing, our plastic surgeon in San Francisco developed the breath easy rhinoplasty. To know more about breathing easy rhinoplasty visit Our two plastic surgeons do all of our nose work as a team. 

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We have different, but complementary, training courses and experiences that apply to your nose job. This interdisciplinary approach gives you the advantage of a wide range of perspectives and skills in assessment and treatment. 

During nose jobs, people sometimes want to get rid of the swelling in their nose, narrow their nose, help with breathing, make the nose less bent, or fix the tip. It is important for people to report their concerns about the nose to the surgeon for the best results.

Breathe easy rhinoplasty is useful for all rhinoplasty operations. That's why we always apply this approach to nose jobs. However, in some cases, we find it very useful. Some of the complex situations where our approach has added value include ethnic nose jobs, revision nose jobs, and male nose jobs. This type of procedure can be very challenging and this approach is designed to get the best results.

Recovery from nose jobs varies from person to person, just like any other plastic surgery. Sometimes there will be bruises for about a week. Sometimes we put the pack in our nose for a few days, during which time you have to breathe through your mouth. You may have a bandage or silicone splint on your nose for about a week.